Friday, May 08, 2009

hello world.

it's been a while since i posted a "normal" post (since tapdefense was too nerdy, btw, ver2.0 is out!!)

things are pretty busy as usual, but with the wedding coming up and renovations+moving, there's a lot to get done before the end of June. we're hoping to get a large portion of our move done on the May two-four weekend. most of the infrastructure at walmer is done. our appliances have arrived and once the shower glass is installed, we just need to get our fireplace/tv area set up for the major stuff. oh yeah, still need some lights for the bathroom/sconce lighting as well as a dining light and possibly one for the island.

definitely looking forward to a great honeymoon as GL has secured some fantastic super-hotels and our itinerary is looking super-foodie :)

will try and update more often =)

Monday, March 02, 2009

This is SPARTA!!!!

okay.  i'm a nerd. i haven't blogged in a long time, but i thought i'd share one of those moments this afternoon that i've been waiting for in a strange, small way.  i was waiting to pick up g from the airport.  i'm waiting in the "cell phone" lot and decided to play the one iphone game that i've gotten into: TapDefense.  g got me hooked on it and i've been playing for many months.  in the first month or 2, i couldn't beat easy until i learned about just building arrow towers until major upgrades (oversimplification, but it'll do).. ok, so that made medium and hard pretty easy to beat.  lo and behold, a few short days after my triumphs, tapjoy comes up with an update and created all these different "challenge" modes.  so instead of working my way up the difficulty ladder like before, i decide to plunge in and play "this is sparta".  3 lives, 300 gold, 3 upgrades and a max of 9 towers.  easy and medium were quite enjoyable, but weren't too bad. the hard level was driving me nuts. for those who have read this far, i'm sure you'll understand the next part.  for the next couple of months, i got into a funk, where i'd get stuck in the 20 something levels, even though i got to 40 before.  i was trying to find the ultimate build order (like starcraft) and get a ton of money to sell and build within a round to fight off the politicians.  so really for the last couple of weeks, i haven't really played too seriously.  when you get in a funk, you lose the desire... but this afternoon, i finally did it.

i got to level 20 and lost one "life" about a week ago. i played a couple of days ago and got to level 28 or something while waiting for aj at the bank...

when i got to level 33, the intensity jumped up, but the balance of the game really came down to the last level - 43.  earthquake is the most interesting weapon.  for the majority of the round, i have it highlighted to gauge the distance of the effect.  but instead of pausing, i clicked sell and almost lost the entire game.  i had about 20 politicians to go and had 1 life left.  it was close, but i got it together and finished them off!

The really funny thing is that i'm actually the top-scorer in the hard level of "this is sparta".. so that's really the nerdy part - this blog post :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Scotiabank Rat Race

Sponsor me in the 2008 Scotiabank Rat Race for United Way Toronto!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

travel bug?

i'm so proud!! Gizelle is now publishing her food, wine, travel articles to MSN!! check it out - travel features muah!